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Am I really a sub? March 27, 2009

Filed under: fucking,power,sex — cinnamonchambers @ 5:54 am

I am so totally submissive in my real life, why is it not always that way in sex. I get off on being told what to do and controled. I could probably be in therapy for 10 years and never straighten that one out. I thrive on pleasing and doing what I am told, resulting in me feeling like I am approved of and appreciated. In our daily life I lay out his clothing, and fetch more if I am asked, I feed him, not just cook, but physically feed him breakfast in bed, snacks when he is playing the 360. He does not have to wash himself. I have done it for him all 10 years of our marriage except when he was deployed. I do his paperwork for him, and have gone to work and busted my ass delivering soft drinks with him years ago. I don’t mind. I think it is the way it should be for me. I love him, I serve him and cater to his every need. I feel I owe this to him. He is my rock, and my warrior and yes I worship him. I just wish I could have it carry over the tiniest bit to the bedroom. He could have anything and everything he ever desired.


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