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Half Nekkid Thursday=Double tit shot April 2, 2009

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My HUGE 38 F boobies...gotta love em!

My HUGE 38 F boobies...gotta love em!

My HNT cherry is popped!!!  Hope you enjoy!


What my furniture would say March 30, 2009

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If it could talk what exactly would my furniture say….What has been fucked on and with who.  It would tell you that I have not fucked on my lovely Broyhill kitchen table, but I love to masturbate in the chairs.  It would tell you that I have fucked two guys on our green sofa, gave head to a couple on the grey one, and never fucked anyone on the floral ones, but people I fucked have sat there.  It would tell you that I love fucking my husband and his big dick on my bathroom counter.  It would tell you I have fucked him and 3 guys, and 4 girls in our bed.  It would tell you that our daughter’s bed has been passed down for years and has been fucked on by everyone in our family including me.  It would explain how great it is for bondage but my husband won’t take advantage of the beauty hidden in the design of an antique iron bed.  It would tell you in that bed, I have fucked 3 people and carved the initials of one into the aging paint.  It would tell you that our black leather recliner is the most cum coaked piece of furniture we own.  It has been our own sex toy, and creator of multiple complicated positions, including a massive squirt fest.  My my…the stories that could be told and lives that would change….


I’m still hot! March 21, 2009

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Come and get me!

Come and get me!

Way back when before I had kids I was so self conscious about how I looked and thought I could never be skinny enough or pretty enough. I have no clue what happed, but as I have gotten older I am so comfortable with me, and my body and all the post pregnancy curves I am left with. I am far more open, and honest about what I want and how I want it. I never rush to turn off the lights in the bedroom or get nervous when I take a shower that hubby will walk in. Never in a million years did I think I would be this comfortable with me and all my imprefections. Being comfortable and realizing that even though I am not a size 2, and never will be again that I am still fuckable. So bring on the cock Dear Husband, and grab the toys and lube….I’m ready to go!


What is sex? March 19, 2009

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Tags: , , , , , , , , is such an important but confusing part of our lives. Is it sex with no penetration, no orgasm? What does it mean when it happens? These are qestions I ahve struggled with my entire life. It is pleasurable and enjoyable, but it takes time to overcome the negative implications that have been associated with enjoying and being open about sex.

For me,making love, or having someone tell me they love me during sex is the worst possible thing to say in the heat of the moment. When I have sex it is to fuck, enjoy it, be passionate, but fuck. Fucking doesn’t not mean love and lice versa. Love is a deeper, far scarier and often more detrimental beast than simply fucking. It is difficult because I have learned to show affection through sex, offering it up for many reasons, often times to get what I want or to feel worthy. Does that make me a whore, probably…I have indeed traded sex for access to extra money in my marriage. I have used it as a peace offering to end an arguement. Sex is powerful and in the end it is what you make it, but it certainly does not equate love. This is my biggest sexual challenge and something I deal with everyday. I do not know why it is easier to say “Come fuck me hard”, than to say ” I need to be held and feel your arms around me”. In the end, it is my vagina, I control it and how it is used, it is my bargaining tool if I choose to use it as such, and damn does it ever feel good when it is fucked just the way I want it.